2 Tips for Preparing Your Central Air Conditioning Unit for Its Winter Shutdown

19 November 2019
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Once cooler weather starts settling in, your thoughts are probably focused on turning off the air conditioner and firing up the furnace. However, you should do more for your A/C unit than simply cutting the power. Below are a couple of tips for getting your central air conditioning unit prepared for its winter shutdown. 1.  Change or Clean the Air Filter When you are shutting down the air conditioner for the winter, you probably feel that changing the air filter is not necessary, as the unit will not be running at all. Read More 

Common Problems With Your Air Conditioning And When To Call A Contractor

14 October 2019
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Your air conditioning can work for months without a problem. The air filters should be changed monthly during periods of heavy use, and you will want to pay attention to common problems when it comes to how your air conditioner is running. If you get your system serviced early in the season, this is a great step at preventing the potential for needing emergency repairs. If you notice that your system isn't getting your home cool enough, or that it continually turns on and off without bringing the temperature down, it's time to investigate further. Read More 

When Should You Call For Heating Repair Work?

30 August 2019
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It is crucial to ensure that your home has a functioning heating system so that you and your loved ones stay nice and warm during the winter. Part of doing this will require you to be aware of the signs that indicate the need for you to contact a heating contractor. When you know what to look and listen for, you will be able to spot signs of heating trouble right away. Read More 

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Commercial Walk-In Coolers

25 July 2019
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When it comes to your company's commercial refrigeration units, few things take as much daily abuse and use as your walk-in coolers. If you are setting up new commercial refrigeration equipment, this is the best time to put a plan in place to protect the doors of those walk-in coolers. Remember that the more they are used, the greater the risk of damage if you aren't proactive about it now. Here are a few tips that will help you not only keep your doors properly functional but also protect them from damage over time. Read More 

5 Things You Should Check When Your AC Will Not Turn On

23 June 2019
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The heat of summer is starting to roll in, and you want to make sure your AC is ready to back you up and keep things cool. If your AC doesn't turn on, don't panic. Instead, go through the 5 troubleshooting steps below, and if they don't work, then put in a call to your local air conditioning repair company. Step #1: Check the Thermostat The first thing you need to do is go over to the thermostat. Read More